About Us

EHD Academy is a digital skills Training Academy and part of EHD, an Integrated Digital Agency based in London.

As an agency we really love what we do. We love coding, we love creating and we love promoting. But we are also passionate about the opportunities digital skills provide, especially at a time where there is a digital skill shortage continent-wide. Digital skills provide organisations with competitive edge and provides individuals with new opportunities and career prospects. We formed EHD Academy to not only share our love for the industry, but to transfer our digital knowledge and skills to anyone who wants to learn.

The academy provides training in an agency environment delivered by our friendly, multi-national and talented team of professionals who do this every day. As an agency, we constantly keep up-to-date with the latest technology and strategies in an industry that never sits still. That means unlike other institutions, when you learn digital skills at EHD Academy you’ll be learning the latest digital tools, technology and techniques with practical real world examples.

Want to find out more? Come and join us for a coffee… or drop us a line!

About the agency

Energy House Digital, or EHD (as we’re known to our friends) is an Integrated Digital Agency. Established in 2007, EHD was founded on a simple commitment to deliver the best in the way of performance-led digital marketing combined with good old fashioned down-to-earth service values. Today EHD is trusted by some of the world’s biggest brands and employs an extremely talented team of developers, designers and digital marketers.

We’ve always enjoyed an extremely close relationship with our clients and as part of our ‘old fashioned service values’ approach. We choose to explain what we do and why, rather than hiding behind a wall of digital jargon. So, we’ve really always been in the training game but with EHD Academy we’re taking it an exciting step further.